Monday, August 11, 2014

We are saving you the work! Buy an ice bucket for Logan and Morgan to dump on us and we will donate the $ to The ALS Association

Bucket Detail options
Shout out name with opt. 2&3

So you've been wanting to do the ALS Awareness Ice Bucket Challenge, but you just haven't been able to find the time- or you're a chicken! So Ash at Scarred for Life and I, The Crumb Diaries have decided to make this suuuuuper easy for you.

Instead of dumping ice water on your head and making the $10 donation, we are offering for you to BUY a $10 bucket of ice water here, and at the end of the week Logan and Morgan will dump every bucket bought on Ash and I. There are additional options as well if you'd like a shout out in honor of someone or to anyone else, and an option for us to sing. We should charge $100 for that! Buy as many buckets as you like, this should be interesting!

100% of the money earned will go to The ALS Association website. Also, Ash doesn't know about this yet