Friday, March 1, 2013

Donna Day March 1, 2013

Many of us watch our children struggle, with all types of things. It might be struggling to speak, to walk, or maybe its to read or figure out algebra. When its your child, any struggle is a big deal. Imagine if the struggle your child is facing is cancer......

More US children will die from cancer than any other disease, or many other diseases combined.

More statistics can be found on the St Baldrick's foundation site, and more informative links will be found throughout this blog post.

Over the last 8 months or so, I have fallen in love with Mary Tyler Mom and her little girl Donna. To read Donna's complete story, click here.

I have read her story, cried, laughed, smiled and shared. Donna has been somewhat of an invisible companion to Logan. We've discussed her, he has asked questions about her, we have made things for her....although I'm not really sure how much he truly understands. Kids don't die, old people die- that is how Logan thinks. So simple, but that's how it's supposed to work. Kids aren't supposed to die. Kids shouldn't suffer, and parents shouldn't grieve....but the horrible reality is, kids are dying, and childhood cancer research is poorly funded. This last fact was startling to me. This needs to change! To learn more about why it is poorly funded, click here.

The heart we made for Donna

Blogging has introduced me to many types of people, and many styles of blog and Facebook pages. Some are fun, or naughty, some are annoying, or self-promoting. Some are just crazy, random and silly, but some are special. Mary Tyler Mom and her daughter are a perfect example of that. She is sharing this amazing little girl with all of us, in hopes to spread this message- KIDS ARE DYING at an alarming rate. Parents are losing their little girls and boys. We can't turn our backs on these families and push it out of our minds hoping it will never come crashing into our own lives.

We are declaring today, March 1, Donna Day. You will see many of your favorite pages and blogs sharing this Donna Day campaign. 

The purpose of the Donna Day campaign is to raise donations for a head shaving event on Saturday, March 30 in Chicago. The oldest shavee is 89 years old and she is doing it with her daughter, a returning shavee.  Here is a link to Donna's Team Page  and you can donate by clicking on the GREEN button. ANY amount will help! If everyone gives $5, that will add up quick!

Logan has reached into his 'man wallet' and made a contribution, and we are hoping you will do the same. This is so, so very important. Still not sure? Please take 3 minutes to watch this video


Donna, I would have loved to have met you. Your smile is infectious, your spirit sweet. We love you beautiful girl.